Saturday, March 31, 2012 Our final lap!

Hey band! First of all, well done for your CCE performance! But there is room for improvement :) Our next performance are speech day and Parents night! BOTH are on the same day which is on 14th april! So people get prepared for it starting from now. Sec4s and 5s its your last performance already,put in your best and let it be a memorable  one:) As for the band uniform, some of the sec3s and the sec2s do not have it. SO ALL of you NEED to come for SI! the amount of people coming for SI is so little its always the same lot coming for sectionals. You guys got to come back and improve yourselves. Its no more a mock parents night its a REAL ONE! I know you all will be tired since there are 2 performances but just bear with it! We all shall go through it together. For speech day performance make sure girls have stockings, scarf, and ure uniform.. and the boysm should have ure shoes,tie and uniform. Lets all put our best into this DAMAIWINDZ!

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hey band! miss my posts?? hahaha .. okay I am gonna brief you guys on very impt things here..Okay during band time, u might encounter problems.. Such as you unwell or need to go home early for valid reasons and things.. Sometimes you might not be able to get into contact with the leaders or  SLS if they are in a meeting.. So here is what you are suppose to do, you can look for the teacher in-charge of that respective practice..Its NOT the same teacher in-charge for all the practices.. SO I will type out all the practices date and the teacher in-charge of that day.. HEre it it is

Ms fiona:27/1
Ms sharifah 30/1
Ms premani 1/2
Mr ahmad 3/2
MS fiona 6/2
Ms Sharifah 8/2
Ms premani 10/2
Mr ahmad 13/2
Ms fiona 15/2
Ms sharifah 17/2
Ms premani 20/2
Mr ahmad 22/2
MS fiona 24/2
Ms sharifah 27/2
Ms premani 29/2
Mr ahmad 2/3
Ms fiona 5/3
Ms sharifah 7/3
MS premani 9/3

This is just for TERM 1..Upcoming terms I will update you guys..
Recent days.. I dont see soo much of ppl cmin for SI! BAND WHAT HAPPEN? Do u guys know that you are improving.. By coming to for SI.. U can make you playing excellent.. I only see the sec3s cmin back.. Where are the rest?From two days its changed to 1 day SI.. so why cant spare a bit of time.. By just cmin for 30 mins it Will make ALOT of difference in your playing guys.. Pls its for ure own sake.. So come back for SI.!!! SLS take initative...!!
OKay thats abt it for now..Our parents night is cmin so lets give it our best!! its no longer MOCK!!! JIA YOU DAMAIWINDXZ:::))))

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

 Hey band ! here is the packlist for band camp!! do update urselves..Pls spread the message to other members who are unaware that the packlist is on this website..
Packing List
2 – 3 School-approved tee
1 Dark coloured tee
2 – 3 PE Shorts
Appropriate sleeping attire
Undergarments (3 or more)
Socks (3 pairs or more)
1 Extra pair of shoes
1 Pair of slippers / sandals
-Shampoo and Body soap
-Toilet roll (optional)
Comb (optional)
Torchlight (optional)
Sleeping Bag
Personal Medication (Compulsory, if necessary)
Jacket / Windbreaker (optional)
Old Rag (Area Cleaning)
Water Bottle (Compulsory!) [1litre]

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Thursday, October 27, 2011 BAnd schdeule

Hey band!! I guess u guys should've got ur band schedule by now rytesss? But there will be ppl out there who will lost the form or dun have it and etc. So for the sake of those ppl, i will type out all the dates of the band prac during the hols.. So it will make it easier for u'll ;)
Here they are

02/11 Wed 10am-1pm
04/11 Fri 10am-1pm
18/11 Fri 2pm-6pm
25/11 Fri 8am-6pm
30/11 Wed 8am-6pm
1-3 December Band CAMP
19/12 Mon 8am-6pm
27/12 Tue 8am-1pm
29/12 Thur 8am-6pm

** Sec3s who are going for extended programme will be excused for the band practices on 03 and 04 Nov
** Sls who are going for Sl camp on the 17-19 Nov will be also excused for the band practice on 18 Nov
So I dont want to see little attendance and also excuses Like i dunno there was band and things.. So hope to see u guys during the hols..
Keep smiling :))
Niva ;)

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Reminders ! :)

HEY BAND :D:D:D how have u been guys?? its a long time since u'll are coming band ryte.. so probably u'll need warm-ups? sooo pls do refresh ur memory on ur embrochure and tuning and other fundamentals kay? Sec1s u are becoming seniors soon!! So pls do ure best in playing well!! i knw u guys can do it :)) KAy just a few things to tell u''ll.. just to refresh ur memory if u had forgotten.. o.O we'll NOT have band practice this friday and next friday.. Some of u'll happy ryte? ya sooooo.... take this time to practice ur weaknesses in playing ure instruments kay.. LEts bring this band to greater heights! kay then ppl.. will c u soon

So keep smiling..
Nivashini :):):)


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011 HEY there!

Hey band!! As you guys know, this Friday there is no band! Which mean yesterday was our last band practice. So i want you guys to go back home and practice on your instruments.! As for sec1s do finish your "homework"  that your Sls gave you. Do maintain your instruments on a daily basis! For your information,band officially resumes on 18 october 2011!!So i dont want to here excuses like I did not know there was band and things.. So ya thats abt it guys.. Sec1s pls improve on your playing. I know u guys can do it!! Lets bring this band to greater heights!~So see u guys soon!!~


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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 Welcome :)

HI there Damaiwindz :D
Firstly i want to welcome the Sec 1 s.
this is where we keep you updated  about announcements , performances , videos ect . anything that related to band :)

Next thing is about the September's Holiday Practice
I heard some of you do not have the consent form from your SLs or lost the form .
it's okay . Don't panic .
i will post it here . So i do not want to hear such nonsense like : "i didn't get the form"ect .


Date        Day                  Time
7/9/11     Wednesday      1pm-6pm 
8/9/11   Thursday             8am-6pm


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hello! Is anyone still reading this blog? :) Do tag on the tagboard to make it lively as it's kinda.dead.

Just to update you guys and keep this blog ALIVE.

We have maintained the standard :)
Some of you are satisfied, some of you are not. But whatever it is, as long as you did your best, it's good enough already. If you know you didn't give it your best then, take this as a lesson and learn from it.
Now we have to work towards our GOaLD in SYF 2013. :)

Anyway, MYE is over and CCA has resumed! Yay!!!!!!! Back to band! :D

Please take note:
1. Band will resume on 20th May 2011, 1pm to 6pm(but just take it as 6.30pm)

2. SYF Showcase will be on 26th May 2011 (Next Thurs) and we will be showcasing it to the school! :D

3. Promotion day/ Sec4&5s stepdown day will also be on 26th May, after the SYF showcase.

I hope to see all of you coming! I don't want to see any of you not turning up for SYF showcase okay :'( Sec4&5s especially, every single one of you! It is your last performance so please make it memorable, so that we can look back and think of it! :)

kudos Damaiwindz! :)

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Sunday, April 10, 2011


SYF 2011.

we have been working hard for this, since november.

6 months people. half a year.

Play with confidence, play like as if it's the last journey, the memories of you and your bandmates, memories of our band together, our spirit, one united force.

It's not the result that matters, it's the process.


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011 we can do it :)


Gotta buck up!
This week's gonna be a tough week, a challenge for all of us. The final week, the last leap.
We have not only studies to cope with but of course the band practices.
But let's prove that we, band members, can do it alright! :)
I believe all of you can make it, whether you are in the main band or not!
One for all, all for one! I believe everyone wants to attain a good medal for SYF right?
Let's do our very best as a band!!!!!!

What we sow is what we reap!
So let's jiayou jiayou jiayou, gambette gambette gambette,

Wanxin (:

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Thursday, March 24, 2011 A message. We're all in this together.

Please watch the above video! it is an important message from Satoshi Yagisawa to all SYF'11 bands taking part.
there's subtitles there, don't worry!

For those who cannot view, i'll summarize what he is trying to say.
Basically, he has put all his heart into composing the two SYF set pieces.
Likewise, he would like us to put our hearts into playing these set piece(in our case, Memories of Friendship:D), to play with feelings. There are many different intepretations to a good performance.
To begin with having the right rhythm and intervals.
Above all, it is important that everyone treasures the memories made during the performance. (:

So band. It's 18 more days to SYF.             11 APRIL 2011             (morning)
We either make it, or break it. Let's prove that DAMAIWINDZ has the skills and gives our very best in the syf. Forget about all the negative things. Think about the positive ones.  The path is ours to choose. We are all in this together and have support from each other! Encourage each other! :)

Watch this video too, from Virginia Allens

Woo Wanxin~

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Hey band! (:

I would like everyone to use a highlighter or pencil to highlight or underline/circle your score.
It must look lively!! :D
1. Mark your ' breath marks .
2. Mark where you are going to bring up and put down your instruments.

In case you do not know...
Some word/expression meanings in MOF & SO:
Grandioso a Tempo (MOF, Part L) - To play in the original tempo, in a grand and noble style.
Meno messo (SO, Part C going D) - Less movement.

And for morning practices;
1. Do long tones. But wait!
Sing the note first. After that, check your embouchure. Take a deep breath, & breath in through your mouth.
Gently tongue the first note you are going to play. Listen to your tone, how you sound like. Train your ears.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 DEAR BAND,

Hello Damaiwindz! ;)
It has been awhile since I posted.
We have been playing memories of friendship for about 2 months or so already.
And I have to say that,last Friday,your chords were really nice.
But on Saturday,we practised in the hall,and it wasn't as nice as of the day before.
Friday: Mr Wong worked with the Clarinet section.
The next day,everything is forgotten.
Band,when we ask you to take a pencil with you,it's for a reason.
So whenever we have combined band,when Mr Wong points out your mistakes,do not hesitate to take our your score from your folder and jot down some pointers on your score!
Even better,get a highlighter of your favourite colour,highlight the parts that you should take note of!
It's that simple!
I dont think things can get any simpler than that right?:D
The story does not end just there,
you have to work the parts by individual sectionaling!
We require you to come back for sectionals during Mondays and Wednesdays to sectionals on your own parts,so when you come for band practices,you wouldn't be lost in combined band.
Sometimes,there would not be enough time for sectionals during official band practices,so you have to sectionals on your own!
Mondays and Wednesdays :Choose either one to come back for sectionals:) 
 1 hour practising a phrase and getting it perfect is all it takes.That's what sectionals are for.
It is to correct your own mistakes.Not other's.
Tuesdays,Fridays and Saturdays: Official band practices. You are obviously required to be present 100%.
If you're not feeling well,please inform the top5 leaders.(May,Wanxin,Sophia,QianHui and SY)
We do not one to be thinking of you as "pon band"-ing.So get your message to us.
As for Saturday practices,it is also official SYF trainings,so we are very very nice to let your mornings be free,so you can sleep/go for tuition/do hw/study. So no excuses why you shouldn't attend saturday's practices.(I have made myself clear.)

Some of us have been already auditioned by Ms Tan,and some of you haven't.
We'll be continuing with the SYF auditions on Tuesday on Memories of Friendship.
Those who has already been auditioned by Ms Tan and would like to have a re-audition,
please inform me by this Saturday(:
I know you haven't got to know the marks yet,but you would roughly know your marks according to your own standards.

Band,the rehearsal is just an inch away. 12 February!
Work hard,and it'll pay off.
Mr Wong is inviting us to his house for CNY this coming Sunday!
So please submit your names to your SLs by today!
:) Visit Mr Wong okay! Bring your oranges and maybe hint for some angpaos.(x HAHA !JK
Tomorrow the Percussion section will be showcasing infront of the school for CNY performance,so LETS CHEER OUR PERC SECTION ON YEAH! :D
And look out for our epic band cny video(x 
STAY ONBOARD DAMAIWINDZ!  (Aye aye,captain!)
Love you all dears! (Really) :D
Happy Lunar New Year!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dates and Auditors for Memories of Friendship(Woodwinds&Brass)

1st Audition: (24,25,26 Jan)
24th Jan(Mon) - Sec4s & 5s

Auditors: Testee
Wanxin: Meiyun, Chelsea, Kaibin, Darren.

Darren: Weitian, Yingsa, Chenghong, Lizah.
Kaibin: Yewron

Siangying: Kengyun,
uzairi: May, James.
Khairul: Firdaus, Hidayu, Nabila, Sufi, Kenghong
May: Siangying, Huzairi, Khairul.

25th Jan(Tues) - Sec3s

Auditors: Testee

Wanxin: Shirin, Rossa, Kim, Kahonn, Ben, Phontip.
Darren: Samuel, Gloria, Ivan, Sokting, Xiwen,
Kaibin: Michael, Yiwen, Sally, Sarah, Qiyan.

Siangying: Gabe
Qianhui: Yimin, Raeesah
Huzairi: Wanwen, Shawn
Khairul: Jeremiah.
May: Qianhui, Danny.

26th Jan(wed) - Sec2s

Auditors: Testee
Wanxin: Elodia 
Darren: Khairul, Nabil, Bernard, Abner
Kaibin: Zachary, Weiyan

Siangying: Jaren 
Qianhui: Weiqiao, Humaira, Jisoo, Gabriel, Austin.
Huzairi: Kishen, Hazmi
Khairul/Danny: Raffy, Wilson, Shenfong
May: -

2nd Audition:
28th Jan & 1st Feb
- We will tell the selected people who will be auditioned again.

3rd Audition(by Ms Tan):
29th Jan(Sat) - Sec4&5s (23ppl)
7th Feb(Mon) - Sec3s (22ppl)
9th Feb(Wed) - Sec2s (18ppl)
(Unconfirmed timing: around 4.30pm)

*Make yourselves free on 27th Jan, there might be compulsory practice.

Also, there will be compulsory sectionals on Monday(24th Jan), everyone is to come back.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey people! The SYF audition for memories of friendship will be two weeks from now. The dates are:
24th Jan(Mon) - sec4s
25th Jan(Tues) - sec3s
26th Jan(Wed) - sec2s
28th Jan - People who have not been auditioned yet.
I want all of you to give your best shot for the audition alright? Dont be nervous or anything. Just be confident of yourself and try your very best! Let's get that GOLD(WITH HONOURS) for SYF'11!! :)

If you are still unsure of anything, feel free to look for me or any other leaders:)
As you can see, we have very little time left!
Sec4s, I know you guys have even lesser time for 'O' levels, & that its very hard to balance.
We'll be having some measures, to try to reduce the no. of days you guys have to come back unless necessary. But still, when you're in band, please put in 101% commitment and effort alright? :)

Sec3s & 2s, as your seniors (sec4s) will be very busy, it will be left to you guys to lead the section.

You MUST not be blur or unsure of anything anymore. Set a goal every band practice.
(eg: hold 30 counts with mouthpiece, or play 10staccato in crotchets successfully)

Every single one of you are important. No matter what instrument you play, what additional roles you have in band, or how old you are.
All of you have the responsibility to be independent and to put in the effort to get gold for syf!! I believe you guys can do it! JY~~ :D


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Friday, December 31, 2010 CONCERT CONCERT CONCERT!

23rd january 2011
Sunday 7.30pm esplanade concert hall
tickets at 12

#1) Vanessa's concert !
    23rd January 2011
    Sunday at 7.30pm
    Esplanade Concert Hall
    Tickets at $12
 It will be a very good opportunity for all of us to go and expose ourselves to other forms of music,and not just stick to what our band can play !
 Good exposure to listen to how other bands play! It'll be really good to listen and listen and listen and listen.
 So grab your band mates and go for a concert date together! :D

#2) Concert :
       Mr Matthew Ong (My friend's conductor)
      2nd January 2011  at 7pm
      Performing under the sembawang symphonic winds
      At the Singapore Conference Hall(SCH)
     Tickets are at $12
Interested? It'll be meaningful and worth to watch! :)


If you're interested,feel free to sms/comment/tell me :D
See you alllll when school reopens!

SiangYing ;)

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Monday, December 13, 2010

HI BAND! Please go to facebook and join the group Damaiwindz! :)
We can inform you about stuffs there and its more convenient too.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010 SLEEPING GROUPS

Sleeping leaders indicated with a (+)
(Sounds funny,but stick to it)
We'll be announcing this tomorrow again,so no worries(:

Group 1


Group 3

Group 4


Ka oon


This is the chance to bond with your awesome band mates!
I'm sure you'll make good friends and have lots of fun:)
But when its time to sleep,better sleep all right!
Love you people,
Siangying! ;)

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Hi band! Regarding tmr attire,
pls report in:
Your school approved tee and PE shorts and school shoes and NO ANKLE SOCKS.
(There will be attire check!)

Also, you dont have to bring your full school uniform to camp if you are going home to change(in the morning) before the parents night. But you must make sure you are going home to change if not just bring it.
If you dont have a pink tee, please go and borrow it or something! (Pink tee- dont have to be plain one, can have design, as long as 40% of it is PINK)

Btw, there is a change in parents night' repertoire, pls look at the post below for the changes.

Thanks! Lets make this camp an awesome one alright!


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Sunday, December 5, 2010 PARENTS NIGHT!!

For those who attended ACS Barker's Parents Night yesterday, THEY PLAYED LIKE GRADE 5 SONGS!
And they sounded good. So IF THEY CAN DO IT, SO CAN WE DAMAIWINDZ! Even though the songs we are performing are :
~perc ensemble~
A day at disneyland
Fiesta de los bravos
Instant concert
nottingham sketches

Concerto de amore
Sock Hop
Best of Queen
A crazy mixed up X'mas
And all of them arent grade 5, i am determined to make parents night a enjoyable one for us and our parents! Even though some of the songs are really simple, what really counts is if we put in our heart and soul into the song and not its grade ok. Lets work hard and give this concert our utmost effort because we dun want to regret right? We just work hard, and expect only the best!
Also, we are going to perform our CHOICE PIECE! Lets show it off to our parents all right!(:

We need it because tuesday is our rehearsal and we are running out of time!!
I'll also be implementing gimmicks into Sock Hop tonight and Best of Queen.

SATURDAY IS OUR BAND'S "BIG DAY" GUYS! The effort must really come out from every single one of u, not only a handful of you. In the end, we are going to be the ones determining the outcome of our parents night.


left; 1:03 PM

-3 sets of school approved t-shirts
-2 sets of home clothes(For sleeping)No short FBTS
- ONE PINK SHIRT (COMPULSORY TO THE MAX) -For graduation night (:
-3 pairs of school-approved shorts
-1 set of FULL school uniform
-School shoes
-Track shoes
-1 towel
-Toilet paper
-Face wash(Optional)
-Sleeping bag
-Plastic bags
-Band notebook
-Pencil & pen!!!
-Slippers/sandals (For bathing)
-4 pairs of socks
-Personal medication( Eg: Inhaler)
-Utensils( 1 spoon,1 fork,1 cup)
Yup,thats the Band camp checklist!
Monday S.I. 8am to 4pm (The band store will be opened till 6 for TALKING TIME)
This will be the last Student Initiated Practice before our band camp  and parents night!
Take this S.I. seriously,complete all the parents night songs!
This parents night reflects on our band a lot,the way we express ourselves and present our pieces to our parents. SHOW THEM WHAT WE'VE GOT!
The sound of the band is coming out already,and you heard yourself the last practice,we improved!
Continue to strive for the best in us! Jiayouuuu!
(Parents Night rehearsal on Tuesday)
We'll be wearing our FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM for parents night:)
So get ready your collar pins ,ties and white shoes!
Student leaders,no black shoes,only white shoes.
After the Parents Night,we'll be focusing on drills!
We must complete this video by this year all right:)
Troopers! Please be reminded that you'll have to showcase your troop performance this coming monday.
28th and 30th December BAND PRACTICES 8 to 6 PLEASE NOTE :)
Dearest Damaiwindzzzz,
pack for band (awesome) camp!
PS: I added some music to the band blog.DONT WOBBLE:D
Keep up the good work!
Take care of your health,
drink loads of water, eat more fruits, drink less bubbletea , sleep more, smile more,


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010 30th Nov 2010's Announcement(s)!

Hello hello Damaiwindz!
I'm posting the announcements here since we ended late today and we don't want to release you all late.
#1) There will be Student Initiated Practice(S.I.) this coming Thursday(2nd Dec,7.45am to 4pm) and next Monday(6Dec, 7.45am to 4pm[Compulsory] [4pm-6pm is optional]).
      It is only during S.I.s that you can practice your Parents Night songs.
      Official band practices are being taken up by Kyrill and/or singapore flyer/Memories of friendship.
     SO S.I.s are very very important.Without you coming back for S.I.s,there will be absolutely no results produced from you for parents night.
      I hope to see all of you come back.
#2) Those who raised up their hands today who have NO BAND UNIFORM,please meet Weitian this Thursday.
     ACS Barker has invited us for their school's Parents Night!
      The following are the information:
    4th December 2010
    Drama theatre @ Acs barker
     Concert-ish setting
    Free of charge!
    7 plus
    One of Mr Wong's band!
They are a very well organised band,with great leaders (Be it the top 3,or Section leaders),which resulted in their grand parents night.
I hope you guys can go there and expose yourself to different "cultures" of band(s),and expose yourself to their playing! It will be a very interesting event,and you don't have to pay-.-
So grab your band mates and go all right!
Please tell me who is going by THIS THURSDAY.
You can sms/call me directly,or tell your SLs.
Band! You guys did well for the first time playing Kyrill today!
Give yourselves a round of applause!
-claps loudly with YEAH!-
We can tell that the skeleton is there already,so keep it up dear band!
Continue to strive towards completing Kyrill,because *reminds all of you* We're going to challenge ourselves and play it for PARENTS NIGHT!
:) LETS JUST DO IT (Properly)
Jiayou banddddd!
Hahaaaa,you will grow to like this song! :)
SY !

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Monday, November 29, 2010 Band Camp Troops!

* = Group IC
~ = Assistant IC

Troop 1:
- Gabe~
- Yimin
- Khairul (Tuba) *
- Firdaus
- Wan Wen
- Keng Yun
- Abner
- Yew Ron

Troop 2:
- Michael~
- Wilson
- Raffy
- Rashiqah
- Ying Sa
- Raeesah
- Shirin *

Troop3 :
- Austin
- Pei Yi~
- Mei Yun
- Angie *
- Chelsea
- Wei Qiao
- Yi Wen
- Darren

Troop 4:
- Caroyln
- Kim~
- Elodia
- Amirul
- Ji Soo
- Hykal
- Hidayu *
- Khairul (Clarinet)

Troops 5:
- Gloria
- Wei Tian
- Zetty
- Samuel *
- Kah Onn
- Humaira
- Huzairi~

Troop 6:
- Zachary
- Bernard
- Kai Bin*
- Jeremiah~
- Wei Yan
- Rossa
- Niva

Troop 7:
- Andrea
- Suhaib*
- James
- Xi Wen
- Ivan~
- Gabriel
- Sok Ting

Troop 8:
- Nabil
- Nabila
- Phontip
- Ben
- Shawn~
- Khalis
- Danny*

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Saturday, November 27, 2010 KYRILL(KILL) YOU

Hello all my awesome band members!
Yes,we all know,we most probably will be playing KYRILL.

I have found this on youtube,not the recording,but it's okay!
Kindly "listen-and-fing" to this.
The following is what in the world is Kyrill.
KYRILL [Otto M. Schwarz]
Many people vividly remember 18January2007.
The weather service issued alerts of an impending "storm of the century".
A low-pressure front coming from Newfoundland had turned into a formidable hurricane.
The worst storms in decades were expected to reach early that afternoon.
Schools everywhere were closed and emergency services were put on high alert.
Despite this,the events which followed exceeded worst-case expectations} Deaths,injuries and rampant destruction throughout Europe.
Scores of people return home to find rubble where their homes had once stood.The forests were also hit hard.Massive trees were snapped like toothpicks.
Kyrill. A storm.
Doesnt it sound so horrible and evil and destructive?
So,since we are HORRIBLE AND EVIL enough already,I guess many of you like this piece!
Student Initiated Practice on MONDAY !
#1) Write bar numbers
#3) Write on your score with a pencil any parts you should take note of.
Starting from now, you are required to bring a PENCIL and your WATER BOTTLE everywhere you go.
You can bring along your jacket/windbreaker because its the rainy season and the music room is freezing at times.
OKAY, S.I. is from 8 to 1. Come and try out this interesting new piece together,and remember that Ive posed you all THE CHALLENGE.
To play Kyrill for PARENTS NIGHT.
I'm sure you guys will chiongggg-ahhhhh ~ to prove it to yourself that YOU GUYS CAN DO IT.
You will definitely grow to realise that this song is really nicely pieced together!
Put in the effort,and you'll be rewarded.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010 CONCERTS!! ;D

HI BAND!!(: --does the hand action for 'yeah'--
#1 Temasek Poly                  -26  november
                                             -7.30pm till arnd 10.30pm
                                             -GO SUPPORT OUR EX SENIORS VALARIE & ELISSA!!

#2 YuYing Sec                      -12 december
                                             -7.30pm till (dunno wad time)
                                             -They are a display band for SYFmarching!
                                              -And the tickets are only 5dollars!(im not a cheepo-.-)

#3 Singapore Conference hall -13 december
                                              -7pm till (dunno wad time)
                                              -1st half-->JunYuan, Woodlands, NorthVista Sec
                                              -2nd half-->PingYi Sec
Jiayou band!!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 We're back!

Hey Damaiwindzzz!
Your BM and DMs are back! :D
We heard you all playing yesterday,and we would very much say that the band has improved!
Keep it up!
Try to get use to the 3/4 timing all right.
Whoooo! The set pieces are here,and we've tried a TINY PART of Singapore Flyer yesterday.
There are some rhythms you would have to teach your sec1s,guide them.
All the best! Continue being excited to try out new songs!
 [The blog is kind of dying off.FEEL FREE TO TAG!:)]

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Monday, November 1, 2010 November & December Band Practices:)

I guess there might be some of you who "accidentally" lose your consent form
 and "forget" the band practice dates.
But no worries,here are the practice dates!
Day: Date:Time:
Friday 29/10/10 11.15am-1.45pm
Tuesday 2/11/10 10.15am-1.15pm
Wednesday 3/11/10 10.15am-1.00pm
Monday 8/11/10 10.15-1.15
Friday 12/11/10  9.45am-1.45pm
Tuesday 16/11/10 11am-6pm
Tuesday 23/11/10  8am-6pm
Friday 26/11/10 8am-6pm
Tuesday 30/11/10 8am-6pm
Friday 3/12/10  8am-6pm
Tuesday  7/12/10 8am-6pm
Thursday 9/12/10 (REPORT AT 8am->Why? Cuz its AWESOME BAND CAMP!)
Friday 10/12/10   -band camp:)
Saturday 11/12/10 (DISMISS AT 9pm)  } Band camp/Parents Night!
Tuesday 28/12/10 8am-6pm

Kindly come for all band practices:)
Sec 3s! We're currently experiencing the extended programme.
Hmmm,have fun?
Sec 2s and 1s! Lucky people,enjoy your holidays!
Sec4s,O'levels :O
See you all reallllllll sooon!!!

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Monday, October 18, 2010 Band resumes!:)

How was your exams? We're all getting back our results tomorrow!
Assemble at 3.00pm outside the band store.
Set up your instrument before assembling.
Be punctual.
Those who are late must have a valid reason.There's no such thing as "I EAT VERY LONG".
I will not accept such reasons.
Be prepared for band with a whole new attitude:)

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Sunday, October 3, 2010 Happy children's day Damaiwindz

Hey band!
How is everything going?:)
Studying period right?
Lets all CHIONG AHH for academic all right!
Ps:If you're too stressed out, and you see it : YOUR INSTRUMENT.
So,hey hey! Why not de-stress yourself by playing your instrument? :D
Hahaa,have fun studying! (And playing)
and,although this is kind of late,but,
We may not be kids anymore,but we're young at heart !
:) Teenage years,we're awesome.
See you all soon!
SY ;)

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Sunday, September 12, 2010 Returning of instruments:)

Hey Damaiwindz!
How was your September holidays ? :)
Oh and not to forget,
Have you guys been practising on your instruments at home?
I'm sure you have right!
And you cant keep your awesome instrument,
cuz you people will need to return it by TOMORROW
Monday (Tomorrow)
Band store opens:
Your SLs have told you about it already,
and you are strictly NOT ALLOWED to bring your instruments to class!
So remember that you have to return your instruments!
And there will be band practice on Tuesday:)
See you all!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Please be reminded that there will be band practice tomorrow(Friday;3rd September2010)
Be punctual and assemble at 1.00pm sharp.
Alot of you have been bombing around questions regarding the September Holidays Band practices right?
We will be giving out the Holiday band practice consent forms during tomorrow's practice.
The holiday band practice is on :
4th SEPTEMBER 2010 SATURDAY 8 to 6
-If any of you cannot make it for that day,please meet me after band dismissal.
-But hey! Its only ONE BAND PRACTICE !
So why not make yourselves freeeee?
Another reminder,
place your bags in order.
The bookshelf is for books(which is why its called a bookshelf).
Tomorrow will be the SEC 1 and 2's SOLO CONCERT!
Dont feel jittery/dont wobble!
Just think of all the positive things and believe you can do your best!
And ps: No corrupted votings,and try not to vote for yourself.
Jiayou for your solo concerts!
Siangying :)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010 Tuesday's band practice(After skipathon)

Hey hey! Members of Damaiwindz! ;)
You've got a day off last Friday from school and CCA because of the "success of YOG" right?
Hahaa! (proud to be a singaporean YAY)
Good news people!
Even though school will be dismissing us early (after all the tiring Skipathon thingy), we will still have band from 12 to 6.30.(There will be breaks inbetween)
Be extremely punctual for all band practices.
We will have band and will let the non-muslims go for lunch from 1.30 to 2.30pm.(1hour lunch break)
All right?
Any queries regarding Tuesday's band practice,look for myself /May/your section leaders:)
Sec 2s and 1s SOLO CONCERT
Reminder that your SOLO CONCERT is this TUESDAY! You will only have this coming monday left to practise for it.
We've seen how the SEC3sSOLO CONCERT was being done,so the intense activity will once again be repeated this TUESDAY.
Whoo! All of us will be looking forward to what you can show us.Surprise us with your talents!;)
the sec 2s are having their humanities exams,so STUDY HARD,PLAY HARD :)Play=instruments HAHA:)
All the best.
Hope to see you all during Tuesday's band practice!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010 Solo concert!

Hey Damaiwindz! How is your solo concert practising going? Not bad,I guess.
There'll be sectionals tomorrow from 1.30 to 5.30pm,so make good use of it.
Note the dates for the SOLO CONCERT:
Sec 3s:  24th August 2010
Sec 2s:  -To confirm-
Sec 1s: 31st August 2010
This solo concert is a chance to show the band what you've got.
For this solo concert,the band will vote the best 3 candidates to perform a SOLO during the Parents' Night concert!
So,its all up to you individually to showcase your playing.
Firstly,you have to choose the CORRECT SONG.
The correct song is where you can fully enhance your instruments' timbre.
Every instrument has its own timbre.
Timbre is a quality of a sound that distinguishes one instrument from another.
This is the reason why every instrument is unique!;)
Which also makes the band unique. YAY:D
You can ask for assistance from your fellow band members to listen to you play,so they can give you constructive feedback about your playing.
Secondly,you have to play only 16 bars of your chosen song.
Which means,as simple as that,choose 16 bars from your song.
Last but not least,
We've already told you about the voting for the 3 best candidates to perform solo.
Everyone shall get a piece of 'voting slip',and
1) There shall be no corruption.
No such thing as "Oh,he/she is my friend.So I vote for him/her"
Vote based on the person's playing,not by the person.
2)Do not be bias.
3)Fair vote.
4) Kindly NOT vote for yourself -_____-
On the actual solo day itself, many of you might feel slightly tense or nervous.
Dont worry,its normal! Even I myself will wobble.
But IF you do get gittery infront of the band...
Close your eyes.Take in a deep breath.Regain your confidence.
And play.
Hope this helps!
After the end of all the solo concert sessions,I'll be "interviewing" some band members about the process,feedbacks and feelings.
So be prepared if you're the LUCKY ones! :)
Its been starting to get cloudy and all lately,so bring along your water bottles and jackets to school/band.
Drink lots of water and get plenty of rest.
Dont fall sick all rights!

All the best,
SiangYing :)

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hi band members,

As some of you might have heard/read, some comments have been typed on both the section blogs and band blog's tagboard. I strongly reinforce that NO negative comments are allowed to be typed on the tagboards as it does not contribute to team bonding and instead, it hurts the band as a whole. If this persists, disciplinary actions would be taken.

Regardless of which section is involved in this issue, no section i believe, is a superstar. Music can only be played when the sections come together.

If there are any unhappiness, you can bring it up to your SLs, the band leaders or myself. As i believe that there is nothing that cannot be solved. We are one band , one sound, one family! I strongly urge everyone of you to be strong and stay together. Because each and every one of you is important to me.

 If u know that its a mistake you've made, you can come to us and we'll solve it together.

One for all, all for one!
Complementary comments are welcomed.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tomorrow will be the actual National Day performance already! Seniors,show what you've got,and sec 1s,just so your best. Most importantly,be alert! I know you all will be engrossed in your score reading or acting cute because of the audience,but still remember to WATCH THE CONDUCTOR!:D hahaa. Follow instructions and make sure everything is done well.Keep a lookout for instructions given by the leaders!
The following are performance information;
BOTH-Full school uniform (with collar pin and tie
Guys-your hair must be neat and perfect.Go and cut if it is too long.If not,be prepared that Weitian will spam gel on your hair!
Girls- Red rubber band and white hairband(compulsory), skirt must be knee-length.No ear studs allowed.
Student leaders- you'll have to wear white shoes.
After the performance,we'll be having "recess" which is provided,yay.
You are required to bring an extra set of attire(pe shirt,band tee) as we'll be having some activities till 12 noon.
Assemble at 6am sharp,be punctual!
Drink lots of water and sleep at 10am(max) tonight!
I'll be catching people who are not sleeping;)
See you all tomorrow!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 National Day practices

Since some of you have been asking(or you didn't receive the consent form),
here's the practice information for our National Day performance!
5th August 2010 : Thursday : 3pm-6pm
6th August 2010 : Friday     : 11am-6pm
7th August 2010 : Saturday : 8am-2pm
Yes,there will be practice on Friday,after the school's NDP celebration.
It will be a busy week for you people,so take good care of your health too!
Don't forget to score study! (Refer to the post below by WanXin)


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Monday, August 2, 2010 National Day Repetoire

Hi band! National Day Performance is just 7 days away! (It's on the 9th Aug)
Have you prepared yourselves yet?
Shall put up the Repetoire in case some of you still don't know:
*National anthem
*Happy birthday
*Eighties flashback
*Fiesta de los bravos
*Livin la vida loca
*Stand up for singapore
*Made in singapore
*Friendship runs deep

Please make sure you have packed your files already.The bandstore would be opened for you guys on Monday & Wednesday to do it if you haven't! :)

Also, please make sure that:
-Your attire is perfect during band practices! That includes sectionals. Take the initiative to check yourselves, do not wait for others to do it for you:)
- No knocking/dropping of instruments/instrument stands! The instruments is expensive. So please, be kiasu a bit. Prevention is better than cure.
- Scores/stands should not be missing/flying around! They should either be in your file, or ring file.(Stands should be placed in a bag)
- Dropping of band chairs is strictly prohibited! Also, please make yourselves useful by helping to carry the chairs. I don't want to see anyone slacking. The band can only function fully if everyone puts in 101% effort.

There will be auditions for the performance.
Sec1s as well as seniors, please put in your 101% effort! Your hardwork will definitely be paid off.
I hope to see everyone working hard for the performance! Feel free to loan home your instruments & files :)

Here is something that may help you in your sectionals.

10 Steps for EFFECTIVE sectionals!
8)Play together
9)Balance & Blend
Do the 10 points step by step. First, work on your rhythm, then notes, followed by articulations and so on.
After you have worked on the first 7 points, you can practice with your section/band for the last 3 points.
In this way, not only will you save time for yourself, but for others as well!

I hope this helps! Jiayou Damaiwindz!


Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. - Henry Ford

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Saturday, July 24, 2010 Singapore International Band Festival 2010 DAMAIWINDZ RESULTS

Dearest Damaiwindz,
Just in case some of you people don't believe the news.......
Aren't you all shocked?
You just have to give in your 101% and we will get our reward,our award!
We would like to thank Mr Wong,Ms Tan and all the alumni members that came back especially to help our band!
Damaiwindz!We did it!
Next up,our SYF 2011;)
Take care people.
Our real battle awaits us....

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Thursday, July 22, 2010 SIBF 23 JULY 2010

Dearest DamaiWindz.
We have talked to you,motivated you,auditioned you,held sectionals,had regular band practices ..

The day has come.
The day is tomorrow.
Its not a performance,its not a time to try out your skills.
Its the time to SHOWCASE the band.
Tomorrow will be the day,where we play together,as one.
The day we have been practising for,for 7 months.
7 months is not a short period of time.
This is what you have achieved after 7 months.
Have you done enough?
Is this the best you can perform?
You might answer no,but then,why no?
Come on band!
Lets do it!
It might be too late to change any major errors,
but we still can change!
Open your ears,calm yourself down,and listen to how you sound...How well you fit into the band's sound...
Oh man! I bet all of you guys have feelings right? I have seen some of you expressing yourselves while playing.You have seen cute 4-year-old Howard on the drumset ! Seen how he expressed his happiness,his pride! What about us?
Concerto D'amore! LOVE PEOPLE LOVE!
An energetic part in pop style, that ends up in a characteristic adagio. A motive from this adagio is assimilated in a swinging part, after which the work finishes with the return of the adagio in a different appearance.
There is a energetic pop style in the begginning, and then a characteristic adagio.
Adagio flows to a swing part,and after which,the awesome song ends with the return of another adagio:)
Variants on a Shaped Note Tune! VILLAGES SCOTTISH PUFFY CLOUDS!
Imagine puffy clouds,among the mountains,and scottish guys wearing the skirts(?).
calming..the feel of overlapping,grand-ness.
the WOW feeling when everyone comes in to play together.
Dont change Mr Wong's tempo!
watch the conductor all right!
Dont merely just emphasise and listen to you and yourself only!
Dont be so selfish! Listen to the band!
Balance and blend yourself in!
Its like oreo chocolate iceblend!
Imagine yourself as the oreo and the band is the chocolate iceblend.
So you blend and spread yourself so everything fits perfectly.
And there! You have it! A nice bubbletea:)
Focus focus.
Do not freak out during the competition.
Just act as your normal self,expressing your own music,listening to the band,and enjoy.
23rd July 2010 Friday
Singapore International Band Festival
-Time: 6.15am sharp(Assemble at canteen staircase area)
-Attire: Full band uniform
            -Girls: Blouse,skirt,scarf(yellow and red),court shoes,stockings,hairband.
            -Guys: Shirt,pants,tie(yellow),shoes,high black socks
Reminder: Girls are to clip up their hair neatly.
                The length of Girls' skirts should only be knee-length.
                Everyone's nails should be clean and in acceptable length.
-After the competition,we will come back to school.
Take your homework from your friends/teachers.
There will still be band practice,so you should bring an extra set of clothings and shoes to wear.
Do your best ! Its not "trying" your best,its DOING your best!
The power to do our best is in every single one of us!
-All the best,
Siang Ying :)

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 June holidays' achievement

Hello band!
After so many practices,I am glad to say that we've improved!
SEC ONES! You've been practising and get ready to join the main band!
There will be challenges you'll face,and things you'll dread,but hey! We've all gone through the same thing! So sec 1s! Continue to practise,come for band,and Iam sure one day,you'll be playing really wonderful songs!
As for the main band...
We better buck up! We've heard improvement and lets hope its not just the Alumni improving!
Keep up the spirits!(:
Keep the number of pushups low too!
Discipline;(Conduct of band)
We would like to raise the standard of discipline,and the whole band has too cooperate.
Iam sure we can do it,and I can see that developing slowly.
The welfare has indeed been pulling people out because of their attire.
Please note that how you dress or present yourself is very important,which is why we have to mind your attire.
So remember:
No knocking of instruments(They do not come cheap!)
No dragging of chairs(Just lift them up with a little teamwork)
No wrong attire(Suppose to be: Clipped up fringe,tucked in shirt,no ankle socks.Its not that difficult right?)
Last but not least,dont answer sloppily! Answer confidently,show sense of urgency,and just do it! Of course,do it in the right way.
Think positive people!
I'll end off with a quote:
"The only way around is through." Robert Frost

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sorry for the late update.
Here's the June Holiday practice dates:
14th June , Monday ,8 to 6
16th June , Wednesday,8 to 6
18th June , Friday,8 to 6
19th June , Saturday,8 to 6
21st June , Monday ,8 to 6
22nd June ,Tuesday ,8 to 6
26th June ,Saturday ,8 to 6.

Sec 1s' practice dates:
16th June,Wednesday,8 to 6
21st June,Monday,8 to 6
Hey band! It will be the rehersal at Republic Polytechnic on the 14th June,and here are the things you should take note of:
1) Assembling time would be 7.15am sharp.Be punctual.
2) Attire would be full school uniform
   -No ankle socks
   -School tie and collar pin should be worn
3) Eat your breakfast!

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Informal blog setup by the leaders :D




Band Conductor

Mr Wong Yew Hon

Ms Jacintha Tan

DamaiWindz Commitee 2011-2012

Drum Major: Kwok Kahonn

Band Major: Nurshirin

Concert heads: Niva , Wan wen & Gloria

Head of QM: Samuel

Head of Library: Sok Ting

Head of Welfare: Jeremiah , Xiwen

Head of Logistics: Shawn (Layout) & Michael(Transport)

Secretary: Zetty

Treasurer: Jeremiah & Xiwen

SLS and ASLS for 2011-2012

Flute Section: Elodia(SL)

Double Reed Section: Kim(SL)

Clarinet Section: Sok Ting(SL), Nabil , Bernard & Khairul(ASL)

Saxophone Section: Yiwen(SL), Michael(ASL)

FrenchHorn Section: Gabe(SL), Jaren(ASL)

Trumpet Section: Raeesah(SL), Humaira(ASL)

Trombone Section: Shawn(SL), Kishen(ASL)

Basses Section: Jeremiah & Raffy(SL)

Percussion Section: Angie(SL), Rasyiqah(ASL)

8th Jan: Sec1 Orientation Performance

20th Feb: Performance at SAC Chairman's house

10th April: Speech Day

22nd-26th July: Singapore International Band Festival (SIBF)

11 Dec 2010: Parents' Night

9-11 Dec 2010: Band Camp

11 APRIL: SYF 2011!


Anglican High School Band
Anglo Chinese School Band (Barker)
BedokNorth Band
BedokSouth Band
Damaiwindz Basses section
Damaiwindz Clarinet section
Damaiwindz DoubleReeds section
Damaiwindz Flute section
Damaiwindz Horn section
Damaiwindz Percussion section
Damaiwindz Saxophone section
Damaiwindz Trombone section
Damaiwindz Trumpet section
KentRidge Band
Pingyi Band
St Theresa's Convent Band


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